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  • Dorm Tree!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  • Love Yourself

    Make your thoughts your reality Confidence is key. Through life you learn how to read body language, and when one is not confident, it shows. This past year I took the time to work on myself and I was the happiest I've ever been. I made it a part of my routine to fall asleep early and wake up early to positive affirmations. Also, I began going to the gym and exersising, and it definitely did not go unoticed. Mentally, and physically, I was at my prime; I was happy, loved myslef, spent most time outdoors, and spent time practicing mindfulness. At that time everything felt like it was falling into place and it was all because I spent the time to love myself. Happiness is not achievable without loving and respecting yourself.

  • Summer '21 Gallery

    Collection of pics from the summer :)

  • Morning Affirmations

    Wake up every morning with daily affirmations. Tell yourself you are beautiful and truely take time to believe it and see it within yourself. Look in the mirror every morning and tell yourslelf: "I am beautiful." "I am successful." "I deserve to be loved." "I am capabale of achieveing my dreams." "I am kind." "I am desirable." ... Then list the things you are greatful for: "I am greatful for my family." "I am greatful for my friends." "I am greatful for the clothes I have." "I am greatful for animals." "I am greatful for the home I live in." "I am greatful for the life I was given to live." ...